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Counselor Cabins

Welcome to Camp Karoondinha, a 400-acre summer camp in Central Pennsylvania.

The camp is located at 225 Thomas Dam Rd, Millmont, PA 17845.


Camp Packing List: We'll provide many amenities and camp items for you! We'll also give you a packing list to make sure you have everything you need. Peruse the packing list provided for campers.

Parking: Park in the large main parking lot at the entrance to the camp and walk in!

Welcome Center: As you walk up the entry road, stop by the Welcome Center on your right. Follow the prompts and pick up your bag and cabin assignment!


Rules: There are some specific rules to the camp (most importantly: no smoking, drinking, drugs at the camp). We will have a hydration station across the street at the Matusky's cabins.

Wifi/Cell service: There is limited Wifi at the camp, and some carriers do not have cell service. Don't plan to do a ton of remote work, or feel free to walk across the street to the Matusky's cabins to use their Wifi.

Laundry: Washer/dryer are available in the room off the side of the dining hall.



May 28

Whether or not you are staying at the camp, please come for food, fun, and games on Saturday! Meet us at the Pavilion next to the lake.


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