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Where to stay

Camp Karoondinha (0 mi, 0 min)
AirBnBs (Limited options in Millmont, Mifflinburg, or Milheim; some in the area have already been booked for family members)
Triple Creek Lodge (20 mi, 25 min)
Hotels in Lewisburg (25 mi, 35-40 min) - with shuttle to and from venue

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Camp Karoondinha

  • We want as many guests as possible to stay at the Camp!

  • Ideal location

  • Site of all activities, fun, and meals

  • Free

  • Cabin camping with bunk beds, private kitchens, cabin-related amenities, restrooms/showers next to your cabin


If you are interested, please let us know right away so we can assign you a cabin!


Triple creek Lodge

in Milheim, PA


3 AirBnB rooms available, 2 nights:

Elk Creek Room ($151/night)

Penns Creek Room ($176/night)

Cherry Run Suite ($296/night)

The rooms are small and cozy. They are above the IngleBean Cafe, which has amazing coffee and breakfast!

View more at their website.

Contact us if you'd like to stay here. We already reserved them for you!

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Tawsty Flower in Lewisburg

Boutique hotel in heart of Lewisburg, near Bucknell University. Close to Market Street’s restaurants and shops!


10 rooms available, 2 nights

For 2-4 guests, $139-$179/night

Please call hotel at 570-522-6600 and explain that you would like to book in the Humphries/Matusky Wedding block.


View more at their website.


Hotels in Lewisburg

For more guests staying in Lewisburg, we have booked an additional block of rooms at Country Inn & Suites by Radisson in Lewisburg, PA. Please call and asked to be booked in the Humphries-Matusky room block.


For those staying here or at Tawsty Flower, there will be a shuttle to take you to and from the wedding venue on the day of the ceremony 5/29/2022.

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